How to Optimize your Website

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website optimizationAre you looking for ways to increase search engine traffic to your website? Well, website optimization can be a challenging task even for the experts in this field. So if you are fighting to get the best SEO for your website, you are not the only one. All you need to do is follow some key tips regarding website optimization. Get your basics covered and your task is done.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords:

In simple words, website optimization means that you want to be found by the people when they search for your niche. So you must know what keywords are used to search for your product and make sure your content, image captions, meta titles and headings use those keywords. Cleverly spreading the keyword on your website gives you a more professional outlook in comparison to those who simply cram their text with keywords. Remember, the search engine spiders are smart. Tricking them might work for a while but may result in blacklisting of your website. 3-4% of keyword oriented text seems to work for most people looking to maximize SEO for their website.

Domain use:

A less known website optimization tip is that using old domains is a better option since it makes you look like you have been in the field for a while. This increases the possibility of a search engine like google preferring you over others using new domains. This means that SEO for your website may increase even if you do not have a very high page rank.


Website optimization has been seen to benefit a lot from link backs, inbound and outbound links. Get high ranking sites to link to you. Link back and make connections. This allows you to receive their traffic. You can find out about high ranking sites from Pagerank. A clever website optimization tip is to manipulate popularity of others. Experts writing guest posts on your site can bring their established fan following to your site.

Content quality:

Keywords are necessary but the overall quality of your content is a key feature required for website optimization. So write great content that is original and up to date. Plagiarism and duplication are not for you if you are in this for the long haul as the negatively affect SEO for your website. Crawlers look for original content.


My golden tip for website optimization is that you keep posting new content. SEO for a website on engines like google is especially dependent on fresh content that is continually updated.


Achieving website optimization is about trying anything and everything that can help you reach out to your customers. What better way to reach out than answering queries, being a part of comments sections, making fan pages and being active on social media etc. Healthy communication with people in your niche will establish you as an expert and thus give you better visibility. SEO for your website increases if you answer questions a lot.

Be everywhere:

The best technique for SEO for your website is to be at all possible places. This means that there is a greater chance internet users will stumble upon you even if they aren’t directly looking for you. So be a part of directories, google places, YouTube etc.

Fatal tech mistakes:

Website optimization is a sensitive phenomenon. There are some mistakes in website designing and creation that can affect the SEO for your website negatively. An important website optimization tip is to make sure your website is not too heavy, has redirect pages, is not linked to spammers and blacklisted sites, doesn’t overuse flash and above all is properly submitted to your desired search engines.

Give away stuff:

Website optimization has benefitted a lot from techniques that involve attracting your customers. This involves giving away extra stuff to your users than they expect. This can be in the form of ebooks, free guidance, good links to other useful information etc. This kind of attitude will help in relationship building that is essential for increasing SEO and traffic to your website especially if you are targeting a very specific niche market.


In nutshell, website optimization is about maximizing your efforts in all possible fields of vision and being consistent in doing so. Increasing SEO for your website is a slow and steady task. If you follow most of these website optimization tips, you will soon begin to feel a difference in your popularity. So start off now. Way to go. Happy traffic!


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