Should You Start A Business Blog?

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start a business blogSince I have been writing a lot about maintaining a blog, I have had quite a few people ask me whether they really even need to start a business blog in the first place.

It made me realize that although everyone now sees a Blog tab on every popular website, there are many people who dread having to manage a blog, Of course, blogging can be time-consuming and even a simple post every few days needs a good amount of time to produce quality writing.

And that is what most people want to get out of. Can’t they simply post simple product reviews? Can’t they simply carry out affiliate marketing by posting advertisements on their website? Does everyone really need to start a business blog?

Well, when it comes to making money online, I always say that you can make your own rules; there is only so much online business how-to knowledge you can acquire. However, one thing I would always recommend is adding a blog to your online business website.

Why do I stress on the need to start a business blog?

Here are a few reasons that might explain my choice.


When I personally visit websites, I feel like I can connect a lot more to the ones that have chosen to start a business blog. Naturally, if you look at a formal website with little ways to contact the owners, and compare it with one that has a blog with the owner’s thoughts every now and then, you will feel a lot closer to the latter.

I believe that the crux of providing any service is being able to connect with your customers. Write for them every now and then, let them comment and stay in touch with them! It’s a great trust building activity, simply by choosing to start a business blog!

Share your thoughts

Who said your website has to be detached from your personal self? I often feel in the quest of online business know-how, many people lose their casual self.

I believe that adding a blog on your website helps you reconnect with your thoughts and think in a healthy way rather than wanting to become a money-making machine! Sure, you can make money online and, meanwhile, you can share your journey with your followers.

If you start a business blog, therefore, it does not have to be way too professional and can be helpful for both you and your followers! (Read more on this and on 5 habits of the top business blogs for more tips.)

Make money blogging

Apart from all other benefits, there is no denying that you can make money blogging if you start a business blog. Talk to any expert about online business know-how and they will tell you that a blog is the best way to increase your earnings, and here is why.

You will always be more likely to click at a product shared by a blogger whose posts you enjoy, rather than an affiliate link embedded in random advertisements on a website!

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Remember, nothing matters more than value, especially when you start a business blog. People come to websites looking for solutions and they won’t be very likely to click on advertisements. If, however, they read an honest review about something, they might be genuinely interested!

You can, therefore, nurture your relationship with your readers while you also make money blogging. Once you start a blog, you can focus on how to get more blog traffic to increase sales.


I personally believe that the decision to start a business blog can really bring your scattered plans together. Yes, it will require time to update your blog regularly. However, I assure you that it is this very time invested in helping people that will eventually bring them back to you! Good luck!


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