How to Ace Social Media Advertising

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social media advertisingThe rapid increase in the number of social media users and the immense amount of opportunity available on these sites for marketing your business must have intrigued many of you. However, not everyone gets social media advertising right. There are some ways and practices that work better than others. Here’s my take on how to make your social media advertising efforts count.

First of all, you should acquaint yourselves with complete knowledge and how to regarding the big sites i.e. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

How Facebook Advertising Works

With hundreds of millions of active users around the globe, Facebook is undoubtedly a treasure of possible consumers. Make sure you utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

Facebook advertising is not just about creating a page and scoring likes. It’s about building a bond with your consumers and targeting your desired audience with full force. So like your users’ posts, tag them and create a one on one relationship with them. Make sure you connect with your audience.

Facebook users are flooded with posts on their timelines. A good way to beat the odds (the algorithms actually) is to use Facebook offers. This makes sure your ads are seen by people in their timelines. Other ads appear on the right column of the page and are easily ignorable.


Less text and lots of images is what catches people’s eye these days and that’s exactly what twitter is about. So tweet, retweet, tweetup and create your own social circle of target audience and stay connected with them.


LinkedIn is especially liked by professionals. So make sure your company is registered on LinkedIn as it can help you find like-minded individuals as well as study similar businesses and enhance your social media advertising strategies accordingly.

Instagram and YouTube

Nobody likes to read plain text or lots of text. People are all over images and videos these days. Instagram is all about images and is beginning to change the face of social media advertising. So post lots of pictures and exciting offers and utilize the image craze of the population to make your product known. The more attractive your post, greater are the chances that people will share it. Videos are a great way to go viral and YouTube is the place to start. Make interesting videos regarding your business or otherwise and increase the likelihood of being noticed by potential customers.

Here’s a list of the little things that you should do to maximize your social media advertising efforts.

  • Be on all major social media networks
  • Be consistent in terms of your posts, tweets etc.
  • Connect with your audience
  • Give exciting offers to attract customers
  • Like and follow your audience
  • Answer questions
  • Use less text and more images in your posts

Paid Social Media Advertising

The reason I felt the need to discuss paid social media advertising separately is because of its immense significance these days. All major social media networks now offer paid social. Not only does it enable you to reach a greater number of users than organic social media advertising, it also gives you access to potential and genuinely interested customers. This will give you a definite edge over your competitors. It also enables you to boost your regional visibility. So, if you are not too paranoid about ROI and initially intend to maximize your reach to your consumers, this is a good way.


Getting a hold of social media advertising is not too hard, especially if you follow these simple tips and stay at the top of your game at all times. Some trial and testing will happen of course but you will soon find your spot in your niche :-).

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