Social Media Hacks to Ace Online Business Marketing!

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If there is one thing that I have constantly experimented with since I came into this field, it is the social media. From thinking that I couldn’t manage a Facebook page to having one with a ton of loyal followers and fans, I’ve come a long way regularly punctuated with trial and error with social media hacks and tricks. Even though the results were slow, I kept trying because I was sure that there is a way around expensive advertising methods. While Facebook Ads are extremely useful, I also wanted to find other ways to boost traffic to my page, and hence started my journey to researching on techniques that work best to promote a business through social media!

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Following are my favorite social media hacks that work wonders to promote any page, even if you just started it with zero followers!

5 Best Social Media Hacks for Marketing

  1. Make your motive prominent at all times
    People want to know what they will get out of your page instead of beating around the bush. When they come to you, show them prominently what the purpose is. For example, if you are looking for social media hacks to get more subscribers, add an email sign-up option as your pinned post. Remember that the things people see first are most likely to be clicked on, as long as they aren’t annoying ads!
  2. Who says you must post at peak hours?
    This research certainly doesn’t. Initially, I was careful to post in the evening but I eventually realized it does not make a difference. In fact, it is more difficult to get attention since there is so much going on. One of the best social media hacks to ace advertising through social media is to post during NON-peak hours, or right before peak hours. This way, your post will likely be one of the first few that people see when they log on!
  3. Make a tagline or hashtag!
    You see them everywhere, but do you know they are among the best social media hacks there are? People need something to remember you with, and a catchy line or a hashtag that they see with each of your posts is a great way to make way to their memory without them realizing it!
  4. Use signature images, covers and even gifs
    People will always like images more than text. If you must post a quote, for example, a great way is to make an image out of it – perhaps with a photo of you and some text inserted in it! Seeing more modern trends, you can also make a gif and add it to your page. People on the social media love these and are likely to watch them – Just make sure they don’t regret clicking on them!
  5. Share, share, share!
    Embed your Facebook posts into your blog and embed your blog into your Facebook! Sharing is one of the best social media hacks, since it is the easiest way to divert traffic from one place to another. So share all your blogposts, and for those that are evergreen, reshare them! There is nothing wrong in sharing older content as long as it is useful. A great way to do this is with the trending #throwback hashtag!

Lastly, when trying to master advertising through social media, remember that most of your techniques will come from YOU. It is experience and experimenting that will eventually teach you what works best, so don’t be afraid to try new things out! For more tips, read my posts Tips to Excel In A Social Media Marketing Campaign and 4 Strategies to Use Social Media for Recruiting

What are your favorite social media hacks? Share them with me in the comments below!


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