How to Spot An Internet Marketing Scam

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internet marketing scamWith many people with little knowledge of internet marketing now attempting to open online businesses, many teaching businesses have sprung as well. The internet is full of internet marketing coaches and teachers offering to help people with marketing their websites or blogs and help them better understand their needs according to the constantly evolving web world. Unfortunately, however, like almost everything else on the internet, this niche has also been infiltrated by scams. Those who know that desperate people will pay for almost anything take advantage of this, and hoard their money pretending to be an internet marketing coach. Once you pay them, you realize they have little or no value to provide, and that you have become a victim of an internet marketing scam!

Truth it, you can’t really blame yourself. These fraudulent providers know the ways of the internet and know how to appear genuine, making the scam almost impossible to spot. So how do you spot a scam and differentiate the real internet marketing coach from the fraudulent one?

How to Spot A Scam

There are a few key signs that will help you spot a scam immediately. Look out for these when determining that your potential internet marketing coach is not just another internet marketing scam.

  • No useful information without buying the product. They will provide no help unless you buy their product. Remember that a genuine internet marketing coach will always invest in trying to showcase their abilities and help you even without buying their product, for example, through a blog.
  • No contact information. This is one of the biggest warning signs of an internet marketing scam. There must be some e-mail address or phone number provided, and you must check if this is reachable or if you get any response from it. If there is no contact information and simply details of how to buy the product, walk away!
  • You have to sign up to get any information at all. An internet marketing scam is often looking for your email address to spam you further, which is why they will ask for your email address even before the buying process. You might be told that more secrets will be revealed to you if you give your email address. Learn to spot this pushy behavior and differentiate it from a comfortable subscribing option, which is perfectly fine and useful.
  • No Privacy Policy or Disclaimer/Disclosure. These are an honest website’s way of promising to protect your information. Once they write this openly on their website, it becomes a legal binding and there can be a lawsuit in case your information is given to third parties, which is something an internet marketing scam will avoid. Therefore, if you are wondering how to spot a scam, looking for one of these items on their website is probably one of the best ways. A legitimate provider will always legalize things unlike an internet marketing scam.
  • Unrealistic promises. Remember that people out there who are telling you that all you have to do is spend on them and you will earn six figures a year are not the internet marketing coaches you want. These are internet marketing scams! Always go only for those who ask you to spend on them, but tell you that there will be a lot of learning and hard work involved if you want to make money at the end of it.

Although these signs are basic, these will help you easily filter out a lot of internet marketing scams from your original pool of options. Once you have narrowed them down to those that appear to be the real deal, you can take a few further steps:

Speak to your potential internet marketing coach

Talking to your internet marketing coach can give you a rather good idea of how to spot a scam. You will see that those who do not have anything to offer will use mechanical language and make unrealistic promises. Another key sign of an internet marketing scam is that the coach might not be properly available, and might simply urge you to buy their product, providing little or no help before that. Remember that a real internet marketing coach will always be there to make you understand what the product is all about and how it can help you, and will also have additional informative content for you on their blog. They will be eager for you to buy their product, but not pushy!

Ask for more information

Talk to your potential internet marketing coach about the process and ask many questions. If this is not an internet marketing scam, they will be happy to help you even if you question them for days. They will guide you through the process you will go through after you purchase the product. On the other hand, if it is an internet marketing scam, they might not have specific information to give out, or a plan of action to share.

Look for guarantees

This is not a must, but it might help you in some cases. Some real internet marketing coaches will differentiate themselves from scams by offering some form of guarantee. Any guarantee mentioned publicly becomes a legal binding. However, if they do not, it does not necessarily mean they are an internet marketing scam.

Take your time

If you are wondering how to spot a scam, this is probably the gist of it. Remember that you must take your time in examining your options, so that you don’t fall victim to another internet marketing scam. Many people believe that the search results that pop up on the first page of Google have to be genuine. This is NOT true! Websites appear on the first page of Google simply because they incorporate keywords well into their content, and that is what leads you to them. Google cannot, however, determine whether a website with perfect SEO will turn out to be an internet marketing scam in future or not. Therefore, do not make assumptions or rely on search engines to make the decision for you, and take your time with the process.

Good luck with your search and stay safe from internet marketing scams! If you have any further questions, you can write to me below!

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