7 Top Branding Tips to Get Recognized in Your Market!

Did you know that scotch tape isn’t actually the term for the product. Scotch is actually the name of a famous brand that makes cellophane tapes. Such is the power of branding that the name stuck to people’s mind and tongues and some people still consider it scotch tape no matter what brand they are […]

Low Budget Marketing for Your Online Business

Today, I thought we should talk about capital investment, since the main concern for most, including me, is minimizing their budget. I also know that most of my readers are small business owners looking for low budget marketing, or affiliate bloggers who need a cheap method to become popular. Well, for one, you need to […]

Online Business Marketing Tips – When to Say NO?

In the hustle of managing an online business and with all that stress about building a profile, there is one very important word that most online marketers tend to forget… ‘NO.’ As simple as tiny as it is, this word scares many people who have learnt business marketing tips that say building contacts in the […]