7 Top Branding Tips to Get Recognized in Your Market!

Did you know that scotch tape isn’t actually the term for the product. Scotch is actually the name of a famous brand that makes cellophane tapes. Such is the power of branding that the name stuck to people’s mind and tongues and some people still consider it scotch tape no matter what brand they are […]

4 Strategies to Use Social Media for Recruiting

As an entrepreneur and an internet marketing coach, I truly believe that the social media is a complete blessing. Having a platform where you can easily find your potential buyers altogether… what can be better than that?! Yet, it is not easy as it seems. Although you can use social media for recruiting people into […]

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

    No business can successfully operate today without being active on the social media. Yes, it is as simple as that. If you want to succeed, you absolutely must make sure that social media marketing tips are a part of your main marketing campaign. It is what I always stress on when designing marketing […]

Tips to Excel In A Social Media Marketing Campaign

  While social media was initially meant to connect people with their friends and family, it goes without saying that it has now become the post popular global platform for business and marketing. Whether you are a personal blogger, a new business owner or an established entrepreneur, popular sites like Facebook and Twitter can be […]