The Link Between Video Length And Lead Generation

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Lead GenerationAs you would already know, video marketing is a great way of lead generation, and it is one of the most popular methods used by huge marketers in order to attain success. Because of the success rate of it, several newbie marketers tend to try to. However, not all of these are successful, and they never really understand why. The fact is that video marketing needs to done while keeping in mind specific techniques, which are highly essential if you are looking for sales leads. One of these is the length of the video that you are making.


Yes, video length is one of the major factors that affect lead generation. In fact, this is one of the few areas in online marketing where you can use a certain safe method and succeed…


1 minute, 12 seconds.


The ideal length for a video for online video marketing is 1 minute 12 seconds. No, this is not something that has been devised randomly. In fact, it is a result of a research based on 2.5 million video views on YouTube. This is the average watch time, which means that it is the length of time for which users watch a video to get an idea of what it is about. Since web users do not have plenty of time to watch long videos, they are more likely to play something that falls within the one to two minute bracket, rather than something really long. It is, therefore, the ideal time limit for generating useful sales leads!


However, obviously, not all information can be captured in a video that short. For video advertising, therefore, there is a new number that you can follow:


4 minutes, 30 seconds.


This is not what you average video for lead generation should be, but it is the maximum time limit that you should allow yourself to get to. Be assured that anything longer than this is way too long and may not do a great deal for your video marketing campaign.


You must be wondering that it does not seem possible to encompass the mounds of information you want to give out in this short time. However, there are certain tips that you use along the way in order to make sure that your video is short enough to interesting but long enough for perfect lead generation. I have a key rule that you can use to do this:


The One Page Method


There are no technicalities in this. It is, in fact, the simplest yet a very effective rule of thumb you can use. This basically means that you must keep the script of one video to one page. No matter how much information you have, condense it down on one sheet of paper. This will make sure that you do not add too much to be spoken, and sales leads can be generated easily. In case you absolutely cannot put the information down on one page, you MUST go for a video marketing campaign based on two short videos. Divide the content into two videos, because web users are more likely to watch smaller videos than one long one. You can either divide this into two videos with different topics and themes, or can divide one video into two parts. In fact, research shows that one and two part videos tend to increase viewer engagement and are more effective for lead generation than single videos; these tend to show up more often in search results, and will capture more attention.

Finally, you have to make sure you execute your script perfectly, so as to get the most benefit out of your video marketing campaign!

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