Tips and Tricks for Loyal Email Subscribers!

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If there is one thing I always stress on when coaching my followers, it is to keep email subscribers loyal. Many people think this is a given, and that because people are subscribing to their list, it means they have done the job. Right?

Wrong! Simply because you have people subscribing to your email list does not mean they are loyal followers. They are simply people who are interested in what you have to say and there is a 100% chances that they can get disappointed and leave! So simply because you used general email marketing tips and tricks and got a long list of email subscribers does not meant he job is done! In fact, there is a lot that you have to do in order to make sure that the people who follow you are actually potential customers who will trust you and will like to buy from you. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this.

Keeping Email Subscribers Happy!

The following email marketing tips and tricks focus not on building a huge list of subscribers (though you can get more information on that in my post How to Build Email List to Double Your Subscribers), but on making sure that the followers you do have are happy and will stay with you for a long, long time, eventually becoming permanent customers who share a healthy and trustful relationship with you.

  1. Ask them to opt in twice
    Often, we forget the simplest of details, like this one. When people subscribe to your blog or page, ask them to choose to do so twice. This will make sure that none of your email subscribers are accidental, who clicked on RSS feed not knowing what they were doing. The first step is to find people who are ACTUALLY interested in what you might have to say!
  2. Compelling landing page
    When you start reaching out to your email subscribers and market your products to them, one of the main things to focus on is your landing page. This is like a second impressions – the first being the email itself! – which will make or break the deal. So when people get here, make sure there something (other than spam-like headlines!) that will make then want to stay and find out more.
  3. Brief emails
    No one has the time to read stories, and certainly not when there is someone else who might get the message across faster. Want to keep your email subscribers? Make sure you are not boring them with lengthy promises that sound fake! Keep your message to-the-point and clear; people are more like to trust you if you don’t rant and make things easy for them to understand.

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  4. Promising subjects
    Did I mention that a majority of people don’t even open their emails? Yep. The answer is simple: give them a reason to! And I do not mean write ‘compelling’ taglines like ‘WIN 10K DOLLARS IN A WEEK’. No. We do not make false promises. Instead, give your email subscribers a brief overview of why they might need your product – just enough for them to open the email to read more.
  5. Beneficial content
    Your promises do not only need to sound good but also BE good. When applying common email marketing tips and tricks, people often forget that the best email marketing examples focus on the reader. Find something that will actually benefit them, because that is the best reason you can give them to buy from you!


Apply these basic email marketing tips and tricks and you will definitely see yourself retaining some loyal email subscribers. Apart from this, I can always help you decide how to write emails specific to your business. Feel free to write to me here or on my Facebook page, Follow Anisa!


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