Tips to Excel In A Social Media Marketing Campaign

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While social media was initially meant to connect people with their friends and family, it goes without saying that it has now become the post popular global platform for business and marketing. Whether you are a personal blogger, a new business owner or an established entrepreneur, popular sites like Facebook and Twitter can be the perfect places for you to carry out your social media marketing campaign. It goes without saying that this is because of the immense popularity of these sites among people globally, and the presence of nearly every potential customer.

With this, however, there comes one big problem.

You can make a social media page, but so can everyone else!

You are going to encounter several competitors here, which is why you need to device a social strategy to have any success with your social media marketing process.

Through my assessment of what makes popular pages successful, I have written down the following six methods you can use.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

    1. SEO

      Several Facebook page owners make the mistake of forgetting about SEO when it comes to social media marketing. Remember that this page can also show up in Google search results when people search keywords, which is why you must make sure that everything you post has keywords incorporated into cleverly.

    2. Keep up with the trends

      In order to be popular with frequent users, you need to make sure your social media strategy is to keep up with the trends. Therefore, conduct regular research on what is trending and what would people like to see the post. Then, engage them with posts related to these topics!

    3. Contests and offers

      Facebook pages can often become dull. To avoid this, incorporate contest, giveaways and other offers in your social media marketing campaign. This can be a great social media strategy, since people will not only visit but will also share your page if that is a part of the contest rules.

    4. Use hashtags

      Many people don’t realize that hash tags can be the biggest part of their social media strategy. Decide on something really catchy, and do everything you can to make it go viral! Start a contest or a series of interesting videos, all supposed to be posted with your hashtag!

    5. Find influencers

      This can especially be great for new pages looking for social media marketing results. Find someone who is an influencer for your target market, and get them to make a short video in collaboration with you. It can be a great way to bring traffic in.

    6. Be smart with paid promotion

      Anyone can pay to advertise their page. However, your social media strategy must be smart. When advertising, pay specific attention to the demographics – the ages and locations of your potential customers – so as to reach out to the perfect market and get the most out of your social media marketing campaign!



  • Post regularly but don’t spam your readers with posts urging them to visit the website
  • When they do visit the website, make sure it is catchy and they reach the specific landing page.
  • Post more images than large blocks of text that will bore viewers.
  • Tell your friends and family to like and share your page so as to get some free marketing!
  • Track your progress and keep an eye on your competitors with Facebook’s advanced social media marketing tools.


The crux is that your page’s social media strategy must not just be promotional, it must be interesting to grab people’s attention!

If you found this article helpful and have any comments or questions, please comment below and I will personally get back to you!

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