Tips to Refresh Your Online Marketing Campaign

When you have been in the internet marketing industry for a while and things have settled down a bit, that is when you have time to look back on your work and analyze your progress, Initially, your online marketing campaign is basic and based on from basic marketing plan to upgrading. directing new traffic again.

But sometimes, when things become stagnant and it looks like you aren’t making any progress, chances are that your internet marketing plan needs to be refreshed. Note that I use the word REFRESHED and not CHANGED, because there might be nothing wrong with your initial plan. It’s just that as time passes, new marketing ideas creep into the market, new potential customers arrive and it is important to make sure that your online marketing campaign keeps grabbing their attention.

SO what do you do? I suggest that you keep small steps that will not change but upgrade and improve your existing plan. Here are my tips on how to do this!

6 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing Campaign

1. Analyze your networks

It all begins with analysis – and that is the purpose of this refreshing of your marketing! You need to look back at what you have done in the past few months, or perhaps a year, and see how your networks have been responding. If you are a new business owner, chances are that you have executed your online marketing campaign on different platforms – probably Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

Now is the time to see which one responds best! Look at where your performance was the best, where people commented or messaged the most, where your ads worked great. You can always be a jack of all trades, but every marketer needs ONE place where people can come to them. Think of this like a physical workplace – You can have your operations and contact methods in many places but you need ONE main office where people know to find you.

So now that you are refreshing your plan, you can use new online marketing campaign ideas on your favorite platform. Keep everything else active, but make this one your primary interaction platform.

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2. Install a traffic code

If you haven’e been analyzing your traffic, do it now. Install Google Analytics or another traffic analyzer to help you see where most of your traffic is coming from and where it is going. This will help you see how many people come in from where, and which parts of your website they focus the most on.

This might not be an initial requirement but now that you are moving things one step ahead, it is necessary. So analyze your traffic, focus on your best performed areas and then make sure you work to improve them. It is also a great way to see why a certain traffic generation method or platform isn’t working. For instance, when I started off with my online marketing campaign, I didn’t realize that I was not getting enough traffic from SEO until I made an analysis and worked to improve it!

3. Consider responses to your online marketing campaign messages

Your website has your marketing message and so do your social media platforms. Where did you get the best response and how? Have people been responding most to your emails? Have they been commenting on Facebook? Have they been clicking on your website? It is important to see how people INTERACT. Like I always say, 100 active Facebook followers are better than 1000 followers you have never heard from!

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It is important to notice the interaction and see where it comes from. For example, if you are analyzing your Facebook online marketing plan, see whether people have been commenting the most on photos, videos or other status updates. Do they click more on your photos or on the links that you share? What types of links do they click the most on? This way, you know what to continue and what to stop.

And honestly, this has been made so easy by social media analytics now. All you need to do is to check your Facebook page’s performance in detail.

4. Look at your content

It is very easy to get lost with content after a while. Sometimes, you don’t know what to post and don’t have good enough content to work with. Sometimes, you run out of information. So every once in a while, check for only ONE thing in your content: VALUE!

I always say that long fluff is better than short useful messages. So make sure you provide this to your followers and they will be happy to work with you!

For content, always choose quality over quantity. Remember that more and more blogposts are not going to help your online marketing campaign; only GOOD blogposts are going to help! You won’t make sales if people don’t find your content good enough to read through.

5. Reuse your content

As for creating new content and coming up with new online marketing campaign ideas, don’t freak out! You can always use your own content to create new things. This does not mean simply repeating what you have already shared, but getting creative with your work. For example, you could take similar blogposts and republish them as an eBook. You could also share older posts to share your journey with your followers.

Simply because content is old does not mean it is not usable!

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6. Focus on YOURSELF!

You weren’t expecting this one, were you? But yes, you MUST focus on yourself. Looking back and refreshing your business and its online marketing campaign does not only mean working on the business. It also means working on yourself.

So how are you doing? How is your work-life balance? Are you in debt? Are you tired of work? Are you enjoying it? Are you motivated enough? Are you making enough MONEY?

These are the questions that you need to answer for yourself and only then will you know what your new online marketing campaign needs from you!


Follow these tips and ensure that your business is getting the most out of its new online marketing campaign. If you have further questions, I would be happy to answer them on my Facebook page. Cheers!!



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