Top 10 Tips – How to Become An Expert

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I often talk about why it is not a good idea to try to be a jack of all trades. Contrary to what people believe, you should actually focus on one niche and not try to be an expert in everything because – let’s face it – that is almost impossible!

Imagine a website that is focused on one thing, let’s say, internet marketing. Now imagine another site that focuses on a lot of different areas, one of them being internet marketing. Which one would you consider to be an expert on internet marketing? I personally would prefer the former, because I would know that this person focuses solely on this niche and is an expert on it, compared to the other one who is trying to do too much at one and probably doesn’t know any of the niches perfectly. This is where the big question comes in: How to become an expert?

First off, I need you to make sure that you have decided on the niche that you want to focus on. Trust me, this will work great especially if you are a newbie. Many people think that niche marketing will cater to fewer people, so they should have a larger scope to get more people under the big umbrella. But trust me, this mostly backfires, especially for small businesses that are new in the market. They try to do too much at once, which means that they fail to be an expert in any one niche, fail to connect with customers and fail to establish a reputation in any one specific market area.

So how to become an expert after you have decided this is what you want to do? How do you become famous in one niche and build a reputation in it, leading to people putting their trust in you? Here are my top 10 tips on how to become an expert.

1.Research on how to become an expert

In any niche marketing area, remember that there is no method that will teach you how to become an expert overnight. I am an expert in internet marketing today because I have studied the subject for years, practiced it and learned through trial and error. To be a trustworthy expert in anything, you have to do your research and spend time learning. This is the only way you will actually become credible.

2. Take lessons and learn

If you are wondering how to become an expert, remember that you first have to learn from experts or observe how they work. Having a rolemodel is always a great way of learning, because it will give you a goal to move towards. However, do not copy people. See how they work but use this to formulate your own strategies. If you can, hire coaches and learn from them. It is always great to learn from someone who can tell you how to avoid errors instead of making the errors yourself and then learning!

3. Write!

Now comes actually showing people that you are an expert. You may figure out how to become an expert, but how will people know that you are one? A great way is to start a blog and write. Make sure it is centered around the are that you want to specialize in, and then write about it. Do your research and find the basic problems people have in the area, and then provide solutions through your writing. (Read: Should you start a business blog?)

4. Make videos

For many people today, videos work better than writing. To be an expert in your niche marketing area, make a YouTube channel and post videos for your followers. The key is to make sure that your videos are useful for them, so that they will actually consider your word on the subject important. Continue to provide useful content and you will soon be seen as a specialist in the area!

5. Post on similar websites

Like I always say, build contacts. Post on similar websites and forums and answer people’s questions. If you actually provide them with solutions, they will soon begin to see you as someone knowledgeable about the subject. You can always link your posts and comments back to your website, which will further enhance your credibility.

6. Get listed

Contact online directories in your niche and get listed as an expert. For example, there are websites and forums that list internet marketing experts, and I can contact them to list me among them. This way, when someone is looking through a directory/forum of internet marketing coaches, they might stumble across my name and contact me for help.

7. Showcase your expertise

While you can learn how to become an expert, you also have to learn how to showcase your expertise. Remember that people need proof, because there are way too many fraudulent providers on the website and people are now scared of scams. So on your blog and on your websites, make testimonials a part of your niche marketing. Write down your success stories, your learning process, your degrees if you have any. You can also ask people who trust your services to write reviews for you. These can also be posted on other websites and forums apart from your own. Remember, there are too many people out there posing to be experts, so you need to give your followers a reason to trust you.

8. Help people

Helping others will never go amiss. It is probably the best way of establishing your credibility. So when you start off, offer to help people free of cost. This does not mean providing excessive services, but simply reply to their queries and comments on your blogs and your social media pages. Once they see you helping them out and answering their questions, you will automatically be seen as an expert in the niche.

9. Be transparent

Don’t fake anything, because it is going to come out sooner or later. When I was learning how to become an expert, I hired a few coaches to help me with the process. More than once, I came across people whose credentials looked great so I paid for their services. However, after that, they simply stopped responding and barely provided any help!! If you do this, sure, you might get the money, but you will never actually get a good reputation. People will post negative reviews about you and your image will always be compromised. So be transparent and provide people with what you promise them. It is the only way to get long-term success!

10. Never stop learning

Lastly, remember that a good expert is one who never stops learning. The online business world evolves very fast and you need to learn constantly. So keep learning, keep evolving and keep standing out in the continually multiplying crowd!

Use these tips and learn how to become an expert. Just make sure the entire process is honest and transparent, and that your commitment and hardwork is unmatched! For further guidance, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page.

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