Top 5 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

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This is not the first time I am talking about content writing tips. Obviously, if you are an affiliate or an internet marketer, most of your business is bound to be based on content. And with that directly comes difficulty, because content does not keep coming on its own.

For those of you who have been blogging for a while and are finding it difficult to stay consistent, I recently wrote a post explaining how to stay consistent with content marketing. Those of you who are beginners and need starting content tips, however, read on! These are some of my best content writing tips on how to kickstart your blog before you start making some money from it.

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Content writing tips for new marketers

Visual Appeal

I know you have heard this a lot, but trust me, it is way too easy to forget it. Just remember that if you don’t provide physical appeal, no one is going to want to look into the personality of your blog. If someone visits your site and is bombarded with jumbled up content and confused placement and numerous ads, are they even going to read anything you have written? Probably not!


Content writing tips always tell you to write catchy headlines, and many beginners try to do this and fail. Why? Because they only go for what is common, and not what is unique. And while they think their headlines are perfect to induce curiosity, they really are not. They start writing things that blog readers are used to hearing, and can immediately spot and yawn at. So come up with something that is unique, and avoid the silly sales pitch tone. Don’t try to make them curious by offering to sell something amazing – at least not at first. At first, make them curious by offering to help them with what they need!

A Personal Voice

This is one of the best content writing tips I have to give to you, and is probably the most major one that has made my own blog flourish.

When I initially started writing, I read up on as much content tips as I could, messed it all up and tried to produce as fancy content as possible. I would initially write with a formal tone and big words, trying too hard to sound professional. Eventually, I realized it was one of the worst content writing tips I had come across!

Want to sound professional? Sure. On a professional website, maybe. But with a blog where you are trying to build a relationship with people, give them a piece of your true self. Write in your personal voice and keep it simple. Trust me, people will like to read it more than fancy words that just sound mechanical.


This is often debated on. Some people will tell you to keep your posts really short, and others will tell you to write longer posts. My content writing tips regarding this? Do what suits your topic. Have lesser to say? Sum it up in fewer words. Have loads of stuff to share that is not repetitive? Go ahead, write a longer but interesting blog post. Just remember: Provide value, not fluff!

Add visuals

Basically, anything that helps your readers understand. As long as you are adding things that are helping them, they will see it and will love to not only read your content but also engage with it. The best content writing tips will always tell you to help people first than seek your interest, so remember that!


For beginners, it is the most important to remember that there is no shortage of content writing tips out there. As you go on with your blog or business, you will realize that you have to make your own content tips along the way, and find out what works best for you!




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