My Top 6 Call to Action Marketing Tips

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If you already have a blog and a product that you want your followers to buy, your next big aim must be figuring out how to come up with the best call to action marketing campaign.

You might have a blog and readers who follow it, but that is because they receive useful information out of it. How do you actually get these people to buy from you? How do you convince them to not only get value information from you but also trust you enough to buy a product that you are selling or one that you recommend?

This is where many entrepreneurs fall, because even though they have a great website, they cannot get people to buy from them. While they may make some sales, they never actually sell enough to make substantial profits. And it is understandable, because designing a call to action marketing campaign is one of the most difficult things you will do as an entrepreneur!

Eventually, the aim of every online business is make sales, and the way you present your product can forever make or break your business. You will either turn your readers into loyal customers or into casual recipients who might stop opening your emails! What you really need is something that will intrigue them and will be irresistible enough to prompt them to take action.

In this article, I am going to share with you the 5 tips that will help you write a call to action email that will actually prompt your readers to buy from you. Before that, however, let us see if you are ready for this.

What you need to know before writing a call to action marketing email

Ask yourself: ‘Am I ready for this?’

If you just started off, it will not help to immediately go for call to action marketing. This is not something that comes with the beginning of a business; it comes after you are already established and have a loyal following. Like I have always said, you need to build a website or a blog or a social media page where you provide people with VALUE. This is the only way you will gain trust and will find followers who will actually open your emails.

If your blog is not already established and you don’t already have a healthy relationship with your followers, no call to action tips are going to work for you. So yes, this is going to take time and effort but if you are really into this, I promise it is going to be worth it!!

If you believe you are ready for sending out a call to action email, here are my top 6 tips to get the most out of it!

1.Provide useful details

A very common mistake in call to action marketing is that people only introduce their product and not enough details on what to do next. I have heard many people say that they want to do that on a later stage after introducing their product, but you need to take action right away! In your email tell people about the product(s) you are offering and then tell them what to do next if they are interested. What are the details of the product? How can they find out more? What is the pricing? What are the buying and payment options? How can they contact you to discuss it further? Make sure you answer all of these questions in a clear manner.

2. Keep it simple and precise

While answering all these questions, it is important to not confuse your reader. Keep all the information brief, easy to understand and precise. Read and reread your email for fluff or useless details and eliminate them all. Only include information that is actually needed and while doing so, make sure you use clear and motivating words like ‘Call now’, ‘Click here to buy’, ‘Contact here for more details, ‘Act now’. These are called action words that will immediately affect how the reader perceives your call to action email.

3. Add the urgency factor

In addition to using these words to add an urgency factor, another element that can do the same is a time limit. Often, there will be people who will want to buy from you but will delay it or will think they will consider it later. Often, this ‘later’ never arrives. To avoid it, make sure you provide an appropriate time limit. For example, tell them they can contact you within the next two weeks in order to get a prompt response or to have a one-to-one conversation.

However, make sure this does not reflect badly on your call to action marketing campaign. Remember those products that tell you you only have 24 hours to act or the offer will be gone? Modern buyers don’t buy that stuff and usually see it as spam. So make it convenient for them and for you and provide an appropriate time limit.

4.  Keep the choices limited

I have often seen call to action marketing fail because of one reason: there are too many products. We call this the Paradox of Choice. If you give people too many choice, they will not only find it difficult to decide but they might also decide to not buy at all. Additionally, even if they do buy one of the products, they are more likely to be dissatisfied with the rest, assuming that maybe they could have chosen better.

The best way to avoid this is to select one or two of the products that you like the best, and sell those. Going with one or two items at a time will also allow you to provide clearer information to your potential buyers. It is also more likely to instill their trust in you as an expert. So for one call to action marketing email – especially if it is one of your first few – don’t market too many products!

5. Offer bonuses!

A free product with another one, discounted prices, special access with immediate purchase, etc… They all work great! Additional incentive is always great and can often motivate people to buy something they might not be otherwise too sure about.

6. Make your call to action marketing purpose clear.

Out of all of my call to action marketing tips, I can say that this one is, hands down, the most important. And here is why:

Often, entrepreneurs provide products on offer and people buy them. However, after the purchase, they realize that there is more to it and they will have to pay more to get the full benefits! This can reflect badly on your business, which is why it is suggested to reveal all of the information in the very start. If what you are providing is only the first part of a series of products in a package, for example, mention that. If the price is only an introductory price and might increase later on, inform your readers of that.

If you skip such details, sure, you might make one-time sales, but that is all. Remember that we are trying to build a long-term business here and for that, honesty is always the best policy to earn loyal customers!


So make sure you are honest, committed and working hard to promote your product, and I assure you you will be successful! If you would like to know more about these or get further help with your call to action marketing, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page!

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