Video Marketing Tips and Tricks for Beginners  

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video marketingIt has been a while now since you have been seeing people market their products and interests via videos and wondering how they do it. Well, now is the time to stop observing others and doing it yourself. Trust me, there are no magical powers involved in their success. Just get your heads around these simple video marketing tips and tricks and you’ll be ready to get started. Here you go!

Understand your niche

If the maker of the video doesn’t know what he wants to do through the video, there is no way the audience will be interested in it. No one wants to watch a marketing video that just doesn’t make sense. To make sure your video gets your message across, planning your key concept is vital. Your video should be able to target your niche audience and give necessary information regarding where exactly you stand. It is also not possible in video marketing to make a video that will appeal to the whole world. So target a specific set of audience that you need and focus your video marketing strategy on them.

Brevity is best

We have all had the dreadful experience of a having started watching a video that just wouldn’t end. So keep your video brief.Video marketing excels on the concept of capturing your viewers’ attention span. If you can’t do that in the initial seconds of your video, you cannot succeed. Be brief and plan your start. If your video has a lousy beginning, you’ll lose precious viewers. Make sure your video is interesting enough to keep the audience with you till the end. To find out more about deciding on the length of videos when making your video marketing strategy, you can read my detailed article on the ideal video length here.

Knowing what works

The internet is flooded with videos everyday but not all of them have a lot of views or comments. One of the best video marketing tips you can follow is to be very specific in what you decide to do. You will see in the beginning that only a handful of videos out of a huge pool are actually very popular. So make sure you are giving your viewers something that will spark their interest and drive them towards you for the future. In video marketing, the idea itself and how it is used to market your product are very important.

Be communicative and friendly

No one wants to relive listening to the stuffy college professor who doesn’t care about the audience. If you are featuring your video, make sure you are communicative and friendly. Video marketing is all about making a strong connection with your viewers so that they come back for more. There is a lot of buyer consumer relationship building involved in the arena of video marketing.

Go viral

This is something most video marketing tips often fail to include; don’t just stick to the good old YouTube when it comes to posting your video. Avail all possible platforms. Put your video on your websites, blogs, partner blogs and keep sharing on social media. This will make sure your video is out there and thus give you a wider viewership.

Feedback is significant

In video marketing, it is very important to keep track of your progress. Make sure you are acquainted with all the technology that helps you know how well you are doing, what people are saying about your work and how many would like more from you. This will help you improve and also give you information regarding people who should be targeted the next time.

Don’t stop

Consistency is one of the best video marketing tips. You can’t just make one video and expect it to do the trick for all times to come. Make lots of videos and keep sharing them. You’ll come up with something good every time you work with a little more experience and the knowledge you gain from feedback.

So gear up and make amazing videos and see the difference it makes in your video marketing. Let me know if any of this helped you come up with your own video marketing strategy; I would love to hear from you!



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