Viral Marketing Tips and Strategies

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 Viral Marketing Tips and Strategies tips

Ever since internet turned the world into a global village and electronic word of mouth became our source of information, the phenomenon of things going viral has been introduced to us. Every time we come across a picture, video, audio or any other product going viral over a period of time, we wonder what caused the buzz. While it may just be a lucky fluke in some cases, things that ‘go viral’ can be a result of a well-planned viral marketing strategy. So, coming down to the nitty-gritty, what makes people come up with stuff that makes us invariably share it with our friends and peers? I decided to pen down some important viral marketing tips for those of you who wish to utilize this rather attractive marketing option for your product.


Know world trends:

This is the basic viral marketing that you should be well acquainted with. What was relevant in the 90s has nothing to do with current times. So stay up to date with modern trends if you wish to be on top of your game in viral marketing. Facebook marketing is hugely dependent on current trends.

Viral marketing is all about giving people what they want. Think of it as a very finely adjusted dose of opiates for your audience. The time and amount has to be appropriate to give the desired result and the addiction pattern of your target niche market falls in your hand. Remember, you want the people to keep coming back. If your product sparks interest for the first time but isn’t as interesting the next time people watch/read it, it won’t go viral.

What is the psychology behind things going viral?

Even though a good laugh is what most people are looking for when they approach material that has gone viral, there are other explanations as well. Sometimes the viral marketing strategy may involve an excellent embedded message in a video or an article touching a very major topic that needed to be addressed at that time.

In general, things that go viral tend to manipulate primal human emotions. These could be any of the many things that make us human. We are all familiar with the ice bucket challenge and its popularity. Why did that happen? A major cause is that it allowed people to participate and view themselves as part of the experience. That is viral marketing strategy at its best. Feeding your audience what they crave for and manipulating it to spread information about your product.


What goes viral?

There is no hard and fast rule in viral marketing as to what goes viral. It could be a short video clip, an interesting image, a funny meme, a well written article or maybe even a slogan. An important viral marketing tip is to use whatever medium suits you and whatever you think may interest your target market.


What about my product?

Well here’s the tough part. Viral marketing as opposed to regular marketing is not about flashing your product and highlighting its qualities as much as you can. In fact, your product has to be the least of your concerns. Remember, sales speeches do not go viral. So the ‘please buy my product’ part of your ad campaign needs to be as subtle as possible in your viral marketing strategy.


How do I make stuff go viral?

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube are all services gone viral aren’t they? Well, another basic viral marketing tip is to use them all maximally. Post your soon to be viral content. Tweet it. Share it. The best thing about using all these tools in viral marketing is that you can monitor your progress by the amount of likes, retweets, shares etc that you get. Facebook marketing allows more advanced management of your content due to the diverse options available. As mentioned earlier, in viral marketing, timing is a key factor. You need to know when to strike, especially if you are trying to spread your material around the world.



As I always say, patience is vital in all your endeavors. Viral marketing is not about being the talk of the internet for a day. So let your strategy gain pace with time and make sure it is smart enough to not fade away quickly and stays in people’s hearts and minds for as long as possible. Good luck. Go viral!


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