Website Design – Why is it important and how to excel?

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Website designResearches show that the average web user takes less than 10 seconds to decide whether to browse a website. So even if your marketing campaigns get people there, you need to give them reasons to stay. Basically, it’s all about how you utilize those few seconds. Here are some website design tips that will help you utilize those precious 10 seconds of your user to your benefit.


Content quality:

Many people think that website design does not include content. However, it’s what really matters. If you follow all of the best website design tips and your content is low quality, all your design efforts will do nothing to keep the user at your site. Make sure your website design provides what your user demands from you!


Accessibility and compatibility:

Is your website accessible to people with low speed internet? Is your website compatible to tablets and mobile devices? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself when deciding how to make a website. Make sure your website is not too heavy and doesn’t take too long to load. Nobody likes to wait too much. An important website design tip to keep in mind is that it should be compatible with mobile phones since most users access the internet from them now.


Easy navigation:

When wondering how to make a website, a simple rule of thumb is that your website should not look like a maze for people to get through. Make sure your web design allows simple and easy navigation with scannable content. An often underestimated but truly significant website design tip is to make sure your user does not have to go through the pain of clicking a hundred times in order to get to the desired information.


Get over Flash:

The years of flash have long been over. Nobody wants the same old irritating stuff that actually hinders their quest for information. DO NOT use pop ups as they only serve to distract and annoy your user.



This is one of the extremely important and diverse website design tips. It refers to a lot of possible mistakes that web designers make and that you must avoid at any cost.

  • Use clear headings
  • Do not write text over images
  • If you intend to make your site colorful, make sure the colors are contrasting enough for the text to be readable by the average user
  • Your font should neither be too small nor too large
  • Give appropriate paragraphing and line spacing to your text for a website design appropriate for all.



Make sure all pages have a menu bar in your list when you are contemplating how to make a website. Also, every page should have the option to navigate back to the homepage. This can be achieved by a home button right next to your website logo at the top left of the page.


Images and animations:

Images can be smart and attractive but excess of everything is bad and in the case of website design less is more. A useful website design tip is to not cram your pages with pointless images or animations that take extra time to load and only exasperate your user.


Page length:

Very long pages with too much information or very short ones with nothing worthwhile are both serious web design mistakes. Stick to optimum length pages with ample information without overcrowding your user’s screen.


Internal links and ads:

Having internal links in your website that cause multiple windows to open every time your user clicks on a link is a potentially fatal mistake. You will use precious users in no time. Make sure your website is free of these and any other scamming material or excessive ads that disrupt site usage.


If you follow these basic website design tips, I’m sure you won’t be one of those who lose their valuable users because of silly mistakes in web designing.


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