Website Improvement Tips for Beginners

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Recently, one of my followers asked to me check why she was not getting any proper leads, and why the traffic visiting her website was not converting at an accurate rate. While her content was perfectly optimized and it did drive traffic to her website, the traffic rarely stayed and there was rarely ever a real customer.

When I looked into it, I saw that the problem was not with the content she was sharing, but the blog/website itself that she was sharing it on. All that was lacking in her efforts was website improvement.

This is not the only case of lacking success simply because the blog or website that you post on is inadequate, unattractive or somehow not appeasing enough for visitors. Because, let’s face it, if people don’t like the look of it, they won’t read it. If they read it, but don’t find the information they need, they won’t buy it. If they want to buy it, but are too confused how to do that, they will leave.

Website improvement is something most blogs and websites now forget about. They forget that educating themselves about website improvement tips is important to make sure that they are perfectly facilitating their visitors. Here are some website improvement tips I think all beginners should apply.

Top website improvement tips

Design matters

Yes, it does. Even if you are using a template like WordPress, you need to know which design option works best and goes ideally with your content. But for those who know little about this, the best of my website improvement tips would be to keep it simple. Don’t make it extremely complex or bold, since that can take away attention from the written content.

Also, make sure you avoid designs that generally make a page annoying to look at. For the first step of website improvement, look at the colors. Don’t place text against colors that make it difficult to read, or fonts that are annoying to decipher.

To read up on website improvement in this context in detail, you can read up on my blogpost on website design.

About You page

Don’t forget this one. People want to know who is behind the posts that they are reading. Don’t make the description vague, or something that seems to have been randomly picked up on the internet. One of the best website improvement tips is to make sure that you give a hint of your personality in the About You Section. You need people to see you as a real person and connect with you. The more personal, the better!

Contact pages

Make it extremely easy for people to contact you. Provide phone numbers and an email address. You can also provide a form that can be filled to get in touch with you. Also make sure comments are enabled on your blog. People need to be able to contact you in order to know that you are not a scam. This is actually all of the website improvement that many blogs are lacking.


Don’t make complex drop-down menus with one million options, and too many pages that make it difficult to reach information. One of the best website improvement tips is that never let it take more than 3-4 clicks from the homepage for people to get where they want to be. Keep all information handy, and keep all major buttons like ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Contact’ in clear view. If people have to find these, they are likely to get annoyed.


Conclusively, just stick to simplicity and to making sure that all common needs of blog readers are covered. If you would like further tips, or would like me to tell you personally website improvement tips that would be the best for your own website or blog, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can use the comments section or my Facebook page to do so. Cheers!


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