What Is Article Marketing and Is It Worth It?

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What is article marketing? 

When most people think about this question, they think about backlinks.

Sure, article marketing strategy is all about backlinks. You can insertlinks to your website or blog into written content and post these around the web. It is really all about keywords and SEO, so traffic will get to your site.

This, however, is not what I want to tell you through this post. The reason I wanted to talk about what is article marketing was the importance it has and how underrated it is.

I can honestly say that starting a blog on my website was one of the best decisions I took. Why? Not only because it brought me followers and traffic, but also because it made them stay.

One thing that is very wrong about the perception of what is article marketing is the incomplete sense it is taken in. When most people think ‘what is article marketing’, they only see the word ‘marketing’ and ignore the ‘article’.

Honestly, I personally believe the ‘article’ here is the crux of the term and that is what most people need to focus on and forget to.

Here is what I want my readers to think of when they wonder what is article marketing… value!

I cannot stress this enough: you need to provide value to your potential customers in order to make sure they keep coming back to you. With internet marketing, most people simply look into the technicalities and see how many every marketing method can bring in. However, this is what I need to remind you: see your customers as people and not numbers. It is only then that you will realize their needs as more real ones, and will be able to provide to fulfill them.

So what is the best article marketing strategy?

For me, the best article strategy would be when a reader gets two things out of it: information and sources.

I cannot count the number of blogs I have visited that had fluff-surrounded links in the name of articles. Sure, people might reach such articles through keywords, but will they be likely to click your link? Will they be likely to remember your blog’s name and return to it when they are looking for something similar in the future?

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When you think of what is article marketing, these are the questions you really need to focus on and these are the ones I believe should make up your article marketing strategy. When you write, make sure you provide valuable content to your readers. It is the best way to build trust and let them know that you are trying to help them, not just trying to make money for yourself!

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Here are a few ways you can provide value through an effective article marketing strategy:

Write a review. A great way to provide value as well as get traffic is to write a review about the product you are marketing. Write an honest review and let people decide if they want to click on the link.

Write about related keywords. Let’s say you are promoting a website about internet design. Write about similar keywords, like application designing and web development, and then embed links.

Write about the niche. You don’t always have to write about the product. Instead, provide interesting information about the niche. Let’s say you are marketing a clothing line. Write an article about the current clothing trends and add the link in the article!

Keep it relevant. Whatever you write about, it is important to ensure that you keep it relevant to the link. This is the best way to ensure that the people reading the article will also be the ones interested in buying that sort of product.


Conclusively, whenever you think about what is article marketing, make sure you think of both value and not just traffic and money! If you need any more information about this, feel free to join my free bootcamp training or write to me below.


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