“Why Am I Losing Email Subscribers?”

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By now, many affiliate marketers and other small business owners are realizing the need for list building and email marketing. Most of them now realize that even with the presence of social media and all the new modern platforms, the good old email is still the best to build trust in affiliate marketing, and email subscribers are more important than all.

With businesses like affiliate marketing, like I have explained, it is important for value to be provided by both sides. Along with this, this also holds true that the sort of people who will be willing to spend large amounts on affiliate products will not be actively found on the social media, but on emails and blogs.

With this trend of email subscribers coming back, many people come to me asking for tips to get more subscribers. In fact, when I look out into the internet marketing world, there are also people willing to pay for subscribers, simply because they think a large number is sufficient enough to get them profits.


A large number of subscribers is of no use if you cannot build a relationship with them. On the other hand, even very few subscribers can give you great results if you treat them right and know what to do to gain trust and support them.

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Consequently, many people also come to me asking why are they losing email subscribers. All along, they thought they were following techniques to get more subscribers and were using the best email list building tips.

How did you lose email subscribers then?

To me, it is not a surprise. I have seen so many people out there using the worst email list building tips. Why are these bad? Because they might get you a high number on your list of email subscribers, but while you think you get more subscribers, you are actually just jeopardizing the potential relationship you can have with the few people who are actually your potential customers.

Here are three major mistakes I believe you should avoid if you don’t want to lose email subscribers. These are email list building tips you can actually use perhaps not to get thousands of subscribers, but learn how to trust and succeed in your business with a few people.

You don’t know your email subscribers

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not knowing their target market. These are usually people who buy email subscribers, and then hope that some of them will buy their emails. But this is not how it works. Before you begin, you must clearly know what your target market is, and use email list building tips to get only those people on your list. This will maximize your results.

Not knowing the needs of your email subscribers

People will know whether you know about them or not. If your email subscribers are getting random advertisements in emails that are far from what they need, they won’t trust you or try to buy from you. They will just see you as a scam.

Advertising too much

Like I said previously, your email subscribers won’t spend unless they are getting something out of it. So don’t advertise yourself. Instead, just help, and advertise honestly once you have built trust.

Not using call-to-action techniques

Among the best email list building tips is using call-to-action words. You might be sending people great emails, but without call-to-action words and catchy headlines. Remember, you must learn to show them what’s in it for them.

If your email subscribers are not excited about it, it won’t help even if you get more subscribers.

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Therefore, when you try to get more subscribers, first ask yourself: are you doing justice to the email subscribers that you do have? If you begin to lose them, chances are that you are doing something wrong. If you still haven’t figured out what this is and would like further help, you can write to me at any time you feel like. I will be happy to help!




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