Why Work from Home and Become an Entrepreneur?

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Why, indeed?

Why bother? Why not get a desk job at an office and comfortably keep working there? Why decide to take up on the rigorous task of being the entrepreneur of an entirely new online business?

Why work from home, indeed?

Recently, I posted an update on my Facebook page, where I asked my followers why are they working as entrepreneurs. The post began like ‘I am an entrepreneur because…’ and people were supposed to complete the blank as it suited themselves. While this was initially aimed as casual conversation, the responses that I got were truly overwhelming and – I must say – insightful.

You think, ‘why work from home?’, and the first reason that comes to mind is the possible increase in the available money. However, when people actually start working from home and start a full-fledged online business, even if operating on a small scale, one of the first things that they come across is the realization that being an entrepreneur of your own business is almost an inexplicable feeling.

When I posed this question on my Facebook page, asking people why did they start working from home, I was basically looking at three different kinds of people. Those interested in affiliate marketing through blogs, those interested in network marketing and those just looking for internet marketing to promote their already existing business or website.

I was amazed that the question of ‘why work from home’ is something that many people have already answered for themselves and is, in fact, their very motivation to go on and keep working hard for their business.

When I asked people why did they choose all this massive responsibility instead of a simple job enough to cover their average expenses, the responses I got were rather interesting. Here are a few of these:

“I get to be my own boss!”

Well, yes, you most certainly do. In fact, this is of the many reasons I decided to start working from home. Why work from home was a question that I could never answer clearly because of the impending stress, but I soon realized that getting to work on your own terms is the best! You get to set your own working hours, no one nags you, you don’t have to do things anyone else’s way and you don’t have to report to someone you don’t like. When you start working from home, you become your own boss. However, let me remind you: this can be both for the better or for the worse.

“I am free.”

Can’t work too much? Take a break. Need to take a vacation? Go for it. Don’t get along with certain clients or don’t want to put up with some overly complaining followers anymore? Let them go. Don’t feel like dressing up for work? You don’t have to! If you are wondering why work from home, this is why. Start working from home and you will feel free to do whatever you please, and this is precisely why you will want to focus more on your business. Why? Because you know this time around no one can tell you what to do, and you can find success for your own self on your own terms.

“I don’t want to settle for less than I deserve.”

I agree with this one the most. If you need another reason for why work from home, this is it. When you start working from home, you realize that although the work is great, the returns are likewise. You get to spend more money on yourself, and enjoy the luxuries that you previously could not. Sure, you could cover your basic expenses, but is that it? Don’t you deserve some more luxury? You most certainly do, and beginning to start working from home might be the key to this.

As one of my favorite replies to this post summed up, ‘there is too much beauty in life to be trapped in a box.’

“I don’t want others to use me to execute their ideas.”

Why work from home? This is why. You might spend your entire life working for someone who is brilliant with the ideas that you can execute. However, remember that all it takes is an idea, and if you can come up with that, why work for someone else? You work a job to make someone else so much money; why not try it for yourself? Many of my followers said that they are entrepreneurs because they don’t want to spend their lives assisting other people’s lives anymore, and I certainly support them in this view!

“I don’t have to miss my home life.”

One of my followers said that his best answer to why work from home is the very fact that he can stay at home. He can set his working hours and shut himself away in his working area, but he can also be at home and cater to the needs of those around him. As a mother of two myself, I completely understand this. When you start working from home, there are lots of responsibilities, but at least they are all in one place!

“I can explore.”

You most certainly can. When I think why w0rk from home, I think of all the new opportunities and learning points I came across in this journey. A few years back, I did not even know people make so much money off of blogs. Exploring something new like this can really be fascinating, and when you start working from home, the comfortable environment further fuels the need to explore and get to what you really want.

“It’s the logical choice!”

One of my followers perfectly summed it up for us all. All of you who are unsure about going out to work. don’t think too much about why work from home. Instead, just think of determination and of the positives that come with being an entrepreneur!


If you are someone who has been confused about this, I hope I provided some insight into why work from home. You can also see the full Facebook post here, and see for yourself what other people like you think, how they used to think and how far they have come!

Also feel free to contact me at any time for any confusions that you might have. Cheers!

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